Since Nov 24, 2004

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Hey. I'm a liberal, and I usually vote Democrat. Let's just get that out of the way right up front. When I don't vote Democrat, I'm usually voting for youth. I like the idea of young people in power.

So why do I read and (occaisionally) post to To be honest, I like the people better. A lot of left-leaning sites that I've experienced tend to be populated with incredibly boring people who are far more interested in listening to themselves talk than reading what other people have to say. I like to have discussions, where I try to understand where the other person is coming from and they try to understand where I'm coming from. This kind of thing, it just doesn't happen other places for me. Secondly, my brand of liberalism isn't nearly as extreme or dogmatic as the liberalism on the average left-leaning web site, and they don't seem to like that.

I started reading probably a couple months before the election. At this time I was keeping updated with and was looking for something from the right, so I could get a picture of what the two sides were seeing. I found I noticed, though, that I started spending more time checking this site and a lot less on the other. In fact, now I rarely if ever even bother to check

I was a little nervous when I first created this profile and decided I might post here every once in a while. I will try to respect the idea that this site is made for conservatives. I will try not to argue with people about ideology. I would like to post occaisionally on topics which I feel I either have factual information to contribute, or which I feel are ideologically neutral. Other than that, I am content to read. Thank you.