Since May 10, 1998

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Retired Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy, 26 years Active Duty. Vietnam Veteran. Enlisted in 1967 as an E-1, went up through the Enlisted ranks, completed OCS, and retired as an Officer (O-4), that's where the handle "Mustang" comes from.

Proud to be among the original members of the Florida Free Republic Chapter. Our first meeting was held in Orlando, Fl; June 27,1998. It was an ephiphany for all!

Past Attended FReeps:

Rally in Support of Gene "Seeking-the-truth" McDonald & against the "TOON" in Boca Raton, FL; August 29,1998.

March for Justce in DC; October 31, 1998. The "Mother Load of All FReeps."

Sewall's Point,Fl; March 16,1999. Here the FReeRepublic Navy conducted its initial naval operation with Admiral 'RuleofLaw' proudly at the helm, and where the first "Sexual Predator Alert" flyers were FReely distributed.

House Managers Tribute Dinner & Rally and FReep the "TOON" at the White House Correspondents Dinner; May 4-5, 1999.

Volusia County Court House FReep, Nov 2000.

Tallahassee Leon County Court House FReep, Dec, 2000.

Free Republic "Rock the Boat" Bahama Cruise; October, 2001.("We don't fear no stink'in ragheads")

Support Our Troops and Our President Rally. Orlando, FL. 02/22/03

Plus many more throughout the State I seem to seems that old "CRS" is kicking in.