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Whether regarding 2A/RKBA, environmental issues, or whatever, the abuse of the precautionary principle by those with an obvious political agenda skewed way to the left tells the tale. If one champions, in the ever elusive (because illusory) search for total security, its broad, one-size-fits-all application to the "anything's possible" in preference to discriminating between the "rationally tiered most to least probable," then it's virtually certain that a coercive, state-based solution will be selected every time. (Ugh! What a lumpy sentence! I'll edit it some time...LOL)

So here's a few lines dedicated to pinko chicken littles everywhere:

Precautionary principle: Rah! Rah!
Better safe than sorry: Rah! Rah!
If only one life can be saved: Rah! Rah!
Is My Trusty Sig convinced? HAR! HAR!