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I often save comments from FR in my FR directory on my PC because the American spirit still burns brightly on Free Republic. Today (the day after Obamacare passed in the house) I am starting to save them here. You will know what’s worth knowing about me by what I choose to save below:

• Americans need to remember where it all started and decide if liberty is worth fighting for again because that is the situation we are in after today. (me)

• Democrats are Feral hogs in the garden of hard working Americans. (thanks Momto2 for this quote)

• I’m very happy that more people are seeing through the fog of mass media, the propaganda, and their own denial. It’s both sad and terrifying to witness Americans struggling to grapple with all of this. It is very foreign to them.

I hope that those of you who see it for what it is will work to raise awareness. Use the word “communist” so that people get past the “shock” of it and are then able to see them for what they are. The WWII generation used it constantly. Again, why the change? Why is so difficult for us to use the term? You know the answer.

Communists are not ghosts, or just the bad guys in 80’s movies—they are very real, ordinary looking people with a belief system that makes them very dangerous to humanity if granted enough power. They must be brought into the light for everyone to witness, defeated, and then marginalized.

Then, the work begins to educate the next generation—the only hope for future generations of Americans.It’s time for all good people to answer their country’s call. It’s time to defend her once again. Perhaps there is no gunfire, or bombs dropping, but there is most certainly a war happening all around you.

And remember: Socialism is only the first stop in a two-legged trip to communism. Socialism is not static—it cannot be maintained. Given enough time and rot, it will most certainly lead to communism, and the horrors that we witnessed just last century, as recent as the 70’s with Pol Pot. Given enough time and rot, it will kill us all, guaranteed.

Perhaps it will take much longer here than in previous felled countries, but time-to-failure is the only difference.

We are no different that any of the 100+ million victims of communism last century. The IDEAS that FORM OUR LAWS are the only things that make this country special. If they change those ideas, and thus the laws, they will change the core of our system, and destroy our way of life.

0bama is a blind fool of an ideologue. He, like most leftist egomaniacs, believes he can control the aggressive cancer that is collectivism—he will fail, and his kind will take millions to an early grave if allowed.

He cannot change the fundamental laws of the nature—we as humans survive as individuals first, and as members of the group second.

To control humans, communists work to destroy a human’s survival instinct. A strong survival instinct, if left alone, would result in defiance and resistance—they must be broken. In doing so, they eventually kill the human, or starve him to death—an unintended consequence of total control/total dependence is that the government has to feed its herd—it always fails miserably.

Untold millions of Russians, their wives, their children, and their neighbors watched each other starve to death while the communists sold huge amounts of grain and food stuffs to other country’s to support the government.

“The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.” ~ Joseph Stalin to Churchill, 1945.

Our founders aligned themselves with nature (Natural Law). They sought to “conquer” nature by obeying it. Collectivists seek to conquer humanity, and they destroy it in the process, every time.

“Give me liberty, or give me death” is both a demand and a statement of absolute truth.

There are no shades of freedom, only shades of slavery.

The time to fight back is now. It will get increasingly difficult to halt their “progress” with each passing day. There is only one possible end to this agenda, and it is the horror described above.

Communism is the Siren Song of Siren Song’s—save yourselves. ( author, FR's Boucheau )

•There's a price to be paid for becoming as well-informed as Freepers are. The sheer weight of the knowledge we all share is extremely stressful, to say the least. And, the Obamanation adds more tonnage to that weight every single day.

This regime's unrelenting attacks against The People are unprecedented in our history, and they will produce unprecedented effects, of which it may take a generation or more to recover from.

There are days when the awful pressure of it all just breaks you. Ingesting the horror of the accumulating revelations about Obama and his ilk can sometimes be more than we can easily bear. But, bear it we will, and we will continue to stand against the tyranny he's attempting until the day that we defeat him. ( author, Windflier )