Nicholas Conradin
Since Oct 3, 2004

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Nicholas Conradin is a portmanteau screen-name compounded of the names of two characters from short stories by H.H. Munro (aka "Saki"). Nicholas and Conradin are the principal characters in "The Lumber Room" and "Sredni Vashtar," respectively. They can be seen as the light and dark side of the same person, and clearly they are autobiographical portraits of Munro himself. I resemble both in some ways.

Retired now, I used to write computer programs to earn my daily bread. Using deveral different screen names, I have been on Usenet and many BBSs for the past 20+ years.

Until physical disability - I have a chronic-progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis - curtailed the activity, I was an avid sports shooter (pistols, primarily). I continue closely to follow Second-Amendment issues. Separation of church and state is another major concern. High and impenetrable should stand the Wall between religion and the exercise of government (i.e. coercive) power.