Since Sep 26, 2006

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Worldnetdaily and Paul Williams are fearmongers at their very best

One book published in late 2005 repeated the claim of 5,000 Al Qaeda sleeper cell agents in the United States. This calim is made in the context of Osama's "patient" long term plan to execute an "American Hiroshima" in a simultaneous nuclear attack on seven major US cities. This is beyond even Hollywood's wildest imagination.

they continually take news stories and twist the facts around, take things out of context and add a little to make the threat look worse than it possibly is. i have given one example already, another would be the snopes.com no nukes article. He dosent make the distintion between dirty bombs and nuclear weapons, there NEEDS to be a distinction between them since there is a huge difference in damage that can be done. PLEASE REMEMBER that Williams has stated in the past that this information is avaiable to any journalist with a library card and the internet. i find it funny that respectable sources like the Bulliten of Atomic scientists, NTI, Jamestown, and the WMD commision report all state that either that there is no credible evidence that Al Qaeda has nuclear weapons or there is very low probabilty. That should make you wonder especially considering that Williams reports that Bin Laden has 88 Nukes yes Eighty Eight and started the collection in 1994.

Williams is always pushing a book if he wasant, all his articles wouldnt say according to a upcoming book, after reading this book, according to the author of this book. Farah go figure published his last book.
Williams has written books at a very rapid rate. (april 2006-May 2003-Sept 2005-June 2004) we should be hearing from him again soon since he has a new book coming out in a few months in 2007(go figure right? ) As i have said if he was getting this information from credible sources inside government they would be all over him since he is writing book at the rate of about 1 a year.
Williams also changes his stories around, the sources of stories, the number of sources, the plots, the cities ect. He has done this on numerous occasions and i have a record of this all and if you are interested i will give you the link to where he contradicts statements he made in previous articles including the plot twists and changes from the 7-10 russian bombs in American cities and ready to go to the quietly changing story of recent that Bin Laden is now having them special made.

We can bitch about democrats not doing anything about terrorism but we have to also be on the lookout for lunatics like Farah and Williams who cry wolf at every major holiday, important date because republicans can do all they want but it will mean nothing if people become less sensitive because of small weasles like Farah and Williams.

we face different possible terrorist threats everyday from small to large attacks. I have researched all this information for over a month now because i was extremely concerned when WND, Canadafreepress (another huge joke) and Williams came out saying that this is goign to happen because of what Hamid Mir said (should be noted that Williams also twisted Mir's story and others Mir wrote completely out of context and i can prove it) i have looked into Williams and Farah and have come across many cases of very sloppy journlism filled with extensive contradictions, and statements taken out of context to put money in their pockets. I will tell all about them Just go BUY MY book, oh wait, thats Paul Williams and Farah, just message me and ill link you if you doubt my research.

Stay watchful for threats, it dosent hurt to be prepared but dont believe everything you read especially from the likes of Worldnetdaily, Paul L Williams, Canadafreepress, Northeast intelligence.