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I am reconsidering my profile page, but until I settle upon a new format I will use it for various things. For right now it will be for the pictures of Kainat Aslam for those who may be interested in inviting her to your home for a visit
(Kainat Aslam)

My dear fellow FReepers,

I have a some friends who live on the other side of the planet in Pakistan. What I request has to do with a Christian friend who lives in Pakistan. Her name is Kainat Aslam, and she is an 18 year old woman who works with her brother Victor and parents in villages #401 KUJA , #293 Shairo, and #295 Baiyawala. They are evangelists who reach the poor with the Gospel while feeding them and helping children learn to read write and about Jesus.

Now the favor needed. Kainat's church is willing to sponsor her trip to America for a visit, while her parents will pay for her trip and expenses. The problem is she will not be issued a Visa until she finds someone who will invite her to visit them. She needs an American family to visit and stay with while here. I am contacting people I know locally where I live and thought it may be worth a try to see if any of my fellow FReepers may be interested.

I would invite her, but because my wife is a paraplegic in a wheel chair it is not feasible. Since I would be the one spending most the time with Kainat if she stayed with us, it would not be appropriate. I believe that Christian men should adhere to the Billy Graham rule of never being alone in a room, or travel alone with a woman other than his wife. In my case, my wife is in a wheel chair, so to avoid even the appearance of wrong doing I try my best to keep myself from ever being in a situation I could be tempted, or others could accuse me of being unfaithful to my wife.

I have some pictures of her on my profile page you can see to give you an idea of her and what she does. ( ) Many of thwe pictures are her and her brother working with the poor and with children. In one of the pictures on the last row to the left you will see Kainat with an older gentleman in a yellow shirt. That is pastor of their church. As you can see she is very active in the children's ministry along with helping the poor that her church reaches with the Gospel In some of the pictures you see her or her brother handing food or Bibles to people.

They have pictures taken of them doing things so that those who donate can see their donations are helping and to make sure those they are helping understand that they are getting things because others are donating their money for the food, cloths, toys, and Bibles so they will learn to appreciate it and not take it for granted.

So, I need to find a family who is willing to invite Kainat to stay with them for a visit in America. If anyone is willing, or if you know of women who would be willing please contact me and I can then get you or them in contact with Kainat.

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