Since May 3, 2003

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I am a Christian and conservative. A republican, because being a democrat goes against my Christan beliefs. I am pro-life and pro-family.
I am patriotic to the United States and the proud wife of a retired Marine.
I deeply respect "THE FREE REPUBLIC" website and and thank all that keep it alive!
I am intolerant of intolerance and have too many expectations of others and myself. I have a quick temper and I am quick to forgive.
My interest are , Politics, "Israel", American History, Christianity and The Bible, Genealogy, Quilting and sewing, Writing and reading, Camping and Fishing,
and Psyhcology. I am most interested in the way I act or react to life myself.
I try to respect every persons opionion...no matter how wrong they are !
I have a good sense of humor !!!!
God Bless You !