Since Nov 9, 2008

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Retired Army CW3 - been there done that – Ultra conservative

Once a Cavalryman always Cavalry (1st of the 10th Cavalry – 4th Infantry Div)

Never ever give the enemy a break. Attack, Attack, Attack

Defend Your Freedom to the Death – a man’s word is his ONLY bond

I’ve been a conservative all of my life – argued with my parents both lifelong democrats about everything. Hate the current GOP.

I voted for Sarah in the last election. I will not for expediency or to win an election, separate my political views from my faith in Jesus.

I work in IT for a large Midwestern Bank and am surrounded by flaming liberals of both major parties.
None of them have served and don’t get the whole military thing.
I tend to agree with Robert Heinlein that if you haven’t served – you shouldn’t have a vote.
We sure wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today if that was the case.

I believe there is always a need for a quote so we can learn the wisdom of those who have gone before us.