Since Dec 4, 1999

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A Socrates-minded guy who traveled to the ends of the earth to understand all that is within his grasp.

Attached to the rural foundations of Bama life but joined the Air Force. Traveled to Louisiana, Arizona, Texas, Washington state, Panama, the Pentagon, Saudi Arabia, and Germany as part of that 22-year career. Retired from the military. Sitting in Germany now, in a state of retirement, and writing essay after essay (see links-page for essay page).

I find most candidates for any office to be lacking....and I simply won't allow myself to pick the "other" candidate, as a "no-vote", as most folks have become accustomed to doing. I don’t see much wisdom or much common sense from either party these days. It is the “Paris Hilton-era”, with a bunch of dimwits running the media and politics. Given a choice...I would rather be sitting on a front porch...sipping an ice tea with 3 lemons neatly drifting, and discussing baseball, the Panama Canal, the depth of septic tanks, Plato, John Wayne movies, Steinbeck, Huck Finn, and Socrates, or perhaps the advantage of charcoal over gas grills.

My readings are partial to Steinbeck. My music...Lynyrd Skynyrd, James Blunt, Johnny Cash, and Blue Grass which makes you weep. My movies: Shane, 300, Kellys Heros, Cannery Row, Unbreakable, and Harvey.

Sarcastic....I shield at hand. Patience overflowing...I can wait. Quiet as the willows....waiting for breeze to bend the stalk. My only sword at hand....wisdom and the ability to read a situation.