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Since Sep 7, 1998

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Welcome to my world! I'm a California surfer boy who, to make a long story short, is currently stuck on a small, volcanic island out here in the middle of the South Pacific. Which, if you're curious, is a little out of the way place known to Western Civilization as: Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Living on a South Seas island isn't so bad, really. Disney made them attractive, and so can you! One just has to make do without the luxeries, such as:
* Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
* Deep Dish Pizza
* Guinness
* Any wine better than Almaden
* Nordstroms, Abercrombie & Fitch, Vons, etc.

Other than that, you can work on your tan, there's no snow, very little crime, just the following:

A. Lots and lots of sunshine almost all year round.
B. Soft, warm, tropical breezes.
C. Lots of tasty surf!
D. Oh, yeah... There's rain. Lots of rain. Over 300 inches a year. Which, after five days of solid rain, it can bum you out so badly even those cute drinks with the little umbrellas won't cheer you up!

Favorite Links
Cyber Congressman Billybob
My Bar Association
My Scotch


(name) Mark Ude
(quest)To find my soul mate, pay off my debt from school, and escape off this totally forsaken rock where I've been exiled for the last six years...
(age) 38
(gender) Male
(meat) Prime Rib
(religion) Lutheran
(tingle) Soft sandy beaches
(beatle) john
(frequency) THX 1138
(band) OASIS
(doobie) no
(movie) Cool Hand Luke
(destroy) barney, grapenuts, popculture, mtv, school, skim, censorship,
(book) The Arnheiter Affair
(comic) Sherman's Lagoon
Stranded California Surfer stuck in the South Pacific. Wasted four years of my life in College, another four years in the Navy, and yet again three more years of my life were sucked away in Law School. Add all those wasted years of school and military service to the fact my semi-quasi-non-significant other decided to go chasing a career in El Centro (Deputy District Attorney), and now in New Mexico, and my good friend in La Quinta totaled my Porsche three years back while "storing it". But on the brighter side, I'm enjoying the salary/benefits in the mid-five figure salary, wearing shorts to my cool job at work (helping out widowers and orphans) and breathing clean air and not worrying about the next Bar Exam I'll have to take if I ever want to go work in civilization again.


Pago Pago IS part of the United States... REALLY!!(By the way, even though there's no N in the name, it's actually pronounced as Pahn-go Pahn-go)!

I live about 2600 miles SOUTH of Hawaii. About 14 degrees South of the Equator, stuck between Fiji and French Tahiti. For all you folks who've never heard of it, this is an unincorporated protectorate. Which means your tax dollars are hard at work. We even have a U.S. Congressman (Eni Faleomavaega) who, by the way, plays a mean guitar. but can't vote, so the House is still safely Republican....