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Republican = Conservative =
I. Pro-Family
II. Pro-Constitution + Limited Government
III. Pro-Stewardship + Fair Trade
IV. Pro-Peace + Universal Rights Foreign Policy
V. Anti-Corruption.

Pro-Peace, Ecology and Fair Trade Conservative. (i.e., traditional Conservative) + Pro-Agrarian
Pro: Amish, work, kindness, folk music, Fathers' Rights, bicycle culture, beer culture, Fair Trade investor, International Hostelling, Animal Rights, Cultural & Economic Patriotism, Volkswagen Veggie-Diesel Westfalias, the quasi-pantheon: Kirk-Buckley-Buchanan-Will-Coulter, Buck & SwissArmy & Leatherman knives and tools, Walther automatics, vegetarianism, Comedy by Colin Quinn - Garrison Keillor - Chris Rock - Eddie Izzard - Dennis Miller - Mitchel & Webb - Fry & Laurie - Dave Allen - Armstrong & Miller - Clarke & Dawe - Kathleen Madigan - Bill Burr - The Colbert Report - The Daily Show, Local Low-Power Radio, JuniorAchievement-Scouting-Charter Schools-Home Schooling, military culture, Christian culture, enterprise culture, Diesel engines, Howie Carr in print and radio, Aaron Fauerstein and his Malden Mills/Polartek material, hiking-sailing-crosscountry skiing-tennis, CSA's (community-supported agriculture groups), political + economic Localism, Eco-manufacturing, 'Natural Energy production':(solar, wind, mini-hydro,etc.), Worker Co-ops, Composer John Barry's music, Gorillas, Bonobos, Rhinos and Elephants, a Free Tibet, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Governor Michael Huckabee, E.F.Schumacher, Sir Clive Sinclair, Maria Sharapova, Bjorn Borg, Gary Player, Rod Dreher, Phyllis Schlafly, Ralph Nader, Thomas Sowell, Elon Musk, Ann Coulter, Peter Brimelow, Jane Goodall, Sir James Goldsmith, Dianne Fossey, Storey Musgrave, Henry Cabot Lodge Sr., Calvin Coolidge, Theodore Roosevelt, Mike Franco, Star Parker, Scott Lively, Ward Connerly, Don Feder, George Nash, Hadley Arkes, Lou Dobbs, Malcolm A. Kline, Laura Ingraham, C.S.Lewis, G.K.Chesterton,.

We need a stronger Pro-American infra-party within the GOP to win nomination primaries; And a similar Conservative infra-party to win primaries within the Massachusetts GOP, to advance a policy agenda of 'Pro-Family culture and Economic Patriotism', likely drawing strong support from the base of both current major parties. Contact me about this via the above 'mail to' FRmail.

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Pro-Family = Traditional/Natural marriage; No unilateral divorce without grounds; Fathers' Rights/shared parenting; Anti-adultery measures; Pro-Life.
Pro-Fair Trade = Adjustable National Tariff/Import Tax for workers' rights, eco-standards, etc.; U.S. Border control + reduced immigration; National Standards for corporate charters; End corporate welfare subsidies; Promote 'ethical trade' internationally.
Pro-Constitution = Founders' intent plus amendments; No judicial tyranny.
Pro-Stewardship = Public Sector Cost Reduction incrementally at federal, state, and municipal levels; Eco-stewardship of wildlife and habitats internationally; 'sound money'; Reduce public 'unfunded liabilities'; Higher Tariff income and lower taxes; Federalism/localism in funding and accountability.
Universal Rights Foreign Policy = Freedom of Religion, Speech, Property, and Association; Equal legal standing of Citizens + right to Constitutional due process in law; Sovereignty of Citizens; Rights of Animals and Wildlife Habitat; Universal Rights to be enforced by all ethical means.
Fathers' Rights = No unilateral divorce w/o grounds; 'Equal Custody' guidelines re kids in divorce; 'Child Support' mutual accountability; No unilateral move-aways; Equality of Fathers and Mothers in Family Court.
Animal Rights = Protect Wildlife and habitats; No unnecessary killing or harm to animals; Reduce human consumption that destroys habitats; Encourage vegetarianism.
Anti-Corruption = Accountability of public spending and employees; No corrupt patronage; Reduce lobbyist influence.

Key 'civic fellowship' neighborhood activities recommended: 1. Weekly civic writing group and coffee klatch for 'letters to the editor' etc. 2. Weekly or fortnightly potluck suppers and movie night. 3. Fortnightly or monthly sign-holding vigils/stand-outs. 4. Maintain a lending library of conservative/civic literature, audio recordings, and videos.

Policy Concerns:

"As with families, the two essential elements of any nation are culture and economics." -- ProCivitas 11/06
"Freedom of non-association is fundamental to a civilized society, and frequently violated in ours." -- ProCivitas 4/07

"Northern Nations need stronger identity, cultural coherence, and mutual allegiance." -- ProCivitas 4/07

Massachusetts: The Big Dig Fraud, Homosexual pseudo-marriage imposed by Judicial Tyranny, Hemorrhaging taxpayer money ($24 billion annual budget);Low Accountability in public employment and contracting; Erosion of Commonwealth's and New England's manufacturing base; Democrat party political domination;

National: Hemorrhaging taxpayer money in Iraq and generally ($2.3 trillion annual budget); Corporate malfeasance and hemorrhaging of American manufacturing jobs; Illegal Alien and general immigration flood with huge costs to citizens and devaluation of American workers; Massive unfunded liabilities; America's 'Economic Composition': Of a $7.5 trillion GNP, over 50% is retail sales, much of it foreign imports, and Federal Government expenditure alone is over 25% of our GNP, and low-to-negative value 'service sector' of legal/medical/accounting/ finance/restaurants/media-entertainment etc. constitute too high a portion of our economy; Huge Unfunded financial liabilities on public/taxpayers/citizens (e.g. Corporate Pension bail-outs ... Assumed risk by taxpayers/citizens of insurance, bank mortgages, loans, and deposits ...); Massive Trade Deficit; Massive Federal Budget Deficit; Massive National Debt; Devalued currency; Low accountability in public employment and contracting; General systemic failure in insurance, legal, and medical industries and of government accountability; Ethnic and gender discrimination/ legal preference against whites and men; General incompetence and degeneracy of our 'leadership community'.

International: Organized horror of murderous illegitimate regimes and murderous insurgencies; Undermining of viable agrarian economies; Overpopulation in third-world countries; Underpopulation in Northern nations; Destruction of wildlife habitat and the murder of animals.

Quotes & Observations:

"The Right is beneficial results by ethical means." -- ProCivitas 5/06

"Fondness and loyalty to one's own doesn't mean disparagement of others." --ProCivitas, 5/09

"Corporate Socialism is degenerate." --ProCivitas 10-3-08

"The Porn Culture of New York and L.A. is too prevalent." --PrCivitas 5/09

"If there is an Objectively Intended purpose for the human species it is probably to wage peace, protect life, and explore the universe." -- ProCivitas 2/2008

One of the ten best jokes: Q: What goes 'Clip-clop...clip-clop...BANG!...clip-clop...clip-clop...BANG!'? A: an Amish drive-by shooting.

"Each Nation should be its own best market first." --ProCivitas 10/14/2008

"The Democratic Party is a coalition of corrupt interest groups seeking the public's money or preferential status at the expense of their neighbors." -- ProCivitas, 7/2002

"Re Animal Rights: Conservative policies tend to protect the weak against predation. If we are not Protectors, we are not fully Conservatives. Unnecessary harm to any sentient being is unethical." -- ProCivitas, 8/2008

"As a matter of procedural ethics, homosexual relations are equivalent to commercial sex/prostitution, polygamy, polyamory/fornication/promiscuity, and 'solitary vice' for two or more players: i.e. it is consentual but counterproductive behavior among adults.
Consent "don't make it a good idea" (as Chris Rock might say), and that doesn't make it something our public would choose to recognize/honor as 'marriage'. And defining all or none of these behaviors as marriage is a 'public policy question' for citizens and legislatures, not a 'civil rights question' for courts.
Re the 'public policy question' of calling any of these behaviors 'marriage' and according them public benefits, the reason we haven't is that most of us don't believe these behaviors do any good, much less serve the traditional purposes/function of natural marriage.
For a rough analogy, a group's demonstrated enthusiasm for setting fire to items of their own property isn't likely to earn them a public standing as licensed Firemen. And an ardent interest in banging copper pipes together doesn't qualify a person for public licensure as a Plumber." -- ProCivitas, 6/2008

"The Question Of Our Age: "Where's Dad?"... 'Shared Physical Custody Guidelines'/ Parental Equality should be the general family law standard in divorce cases in all states. Divorce or non-marriage doesn't negate the mutual responsibilities of both parents. Shared Parenting/Parental Equality is the right of all kids and fit parents." -- ProCivitas 10/2007

"No 'free trade' without Fair Trade. Economic Patriotism, not Economic Treason. 'Each Nation should be its own best market first.' -- ProCivitas 2/2008

" Companies and other institutions usually shouldn't hire/appoint non-married people to positions of prominence and leadership. Sets a bad example. If someone hasn't developed the emotional/psychological maturity to maintain a lifelong loving relationship with a husband or wife, they're probably relatively less well-suited to positions of high responsibility. It's a fair question to ask: "Is there some reason you haven't settled down with a member of the opposite sex?" And there must be less clumsy ways to ask it. " -- ProCivitas, 3/2008

" 'Go to the Amish'. Russians and others concerned about their demographic decline should consider how to convert much of their economy toward an Agrarian one. Agrarian economics tends to place high value on men and all members of a working household and leads to greater 'mutual appreciation' and big families. It also leads to a more stable, rooted, less 'atomized' culture." -- ProCivitas 4/07

"Corporatism is the new Communism: illegitimate, semi-totalitarian, and destructive." -- ProCivitas, 12/7/2007

"The Communist totalitarian regime occupying China is an organized atrocity, and should be removed from Tibet ... and China." --ProCivitas 10/2007

"It's important that we advance 'fairness in family law and the equal treatment of fathers and mothers in family court'." -- ProCivitas 1/1998

" What would the price of things be in a market un-hyped/un-inflated/un-impaired by inordinate financing, insurance, subsidy, and third-party-payers? What then would be the 'real market' prices of education, medical services, houses, cars, etc...paid for by 'cash on the barrellhead'? A: pronouncedly lower." -- ProCivitas 11/2007

"Apparently our currency is devalued with any inordinate lending by banks, or by foreigners lending to the U.S. Government through our bonds/debt.
Currently ours is an economy where money is 'created' whenever fractional banking (with 5% or whatever 'required reserves') extends loans, mostly by electronic transfer records, for most of the big-ticket items we buy now (Houses, cars, education, medical services...) and increasingly for so much of our other purchases through credit cards (at grocery stores, auto repair shops, restaurants, etc.).
The theoretical limit to the 'money supply' then becomes whatever the extent of our induceable appetite may be as a nation for 'credit' from the moneylending industry. Add to that the propensity for spending (devaluing currency) induced by making 'cheap' money through all 'third-party payers': insurance, government subsidy/transfer payment, financing ...
That's a debauched currency ... and a debauched culture." -- ProCivitas 9/2007

Interesting sub-culture of Douglas Adams fans('Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy' etc.), Fry & Laurie, They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, Monty Python, Black Adder, Tom Lehrer, M.C. Escher, ... what is it?

"The corporate media present a stupefying mantra of 'who'se ahead ?' ad nauseum as their self-serving replacement of substantive campaign coverage. Incompetent, telegenic people can thereby pose as reporters, ask 'how are you going to win?' repeatedly and pressure campaigns to hand-over more millions to corporate media for vague fluff ads. It's degenerate." -- ProCivitas 1/2008

"Gorillas, Bonobos, Rhinos and Elephants are gentle, loving, and vegetarian. Humans should go and do likewise, and also protect them." -- ProCivitas 2/2008

"I'm not sure why some folks make such a fetish of 'intelligence', however poorly we measure it. What seem to matter most are character (being good-natured), 'psychological stability', prudence, perseverance, being loving, and taking an interest in things." -- ProCivitas 10/2007

One of the ten best jokes: What do you get when you cross a Unitarian Universalist with a Jehovah's Witness? A: Someone likely to knock on your door on a Saturday afternoon for no particular reason.

"Re pay differences by gender, the '79 cents per male dollar' feminist propaganda of course compares all male wages IN AGGREGATE to all female wages IN AGGREGATE. Well, we men IN AGGREGATE do different work requiring more skill, risk, physical endurance, and training/investment; We do it longer and more consistently over a career(i.e. no time out for being subsidized by a spouse for the truly rewarding privilege of raising one's kids); we bear more responsibility for being the primary income to an intact family; and the male wageslaves IN AGGREGATE are older than their female counterparts by at least a few years. Most folks earn more with a few more years experience. Adjusted for these relevant factors, there's probably a slight bias in favor of women, and against men...
Having dumped at least a few hundred million women on the labor market over the past forty years, thus driving down male wages (and the Corporatist agenda is well-served by this), feminists now use the '79cents/dollar' propaganda to scam/persuade employers that comparable female workers can be had at a bargain relative to the male competition. (Economically displacing men.) It also serves to promote an hospitable environment for discrimination lawsuits, anti-male legislation, and grievances from the subsidized, privileged gender." -- ProCivitas 11/2007

"Given a family-wage job, a man will tend to marry and provide for a wife. The reverse tends not to be true; With profound results for the economy and culture of Northern nations." -- ProCivitas 2/2008

"Men usually 'marry down' financially, and women usually 'marry up' financially. 'And thereby hangs a tail' re the future of this country. Hypergamy. " --ProCivitas 10/2008

"No artificial conception without a marriage license. No marriage license without a valid natural marriage. There is no 'right' to adoption and artificial conception for the perversion community, free from public standards of protecting children. Kids deserve a decent Mom and Dad whenever possible.
Those basic, reasonable standards for artificial conception clinics and adoption agencies should still be the law of our land, and candidates for office should raise the issue and be questioned on it by voters." -- ProCivitas 11/2007

"No one should be considered an American citizen just because they were born of illegal aliens within our borders. Our Law should be changed to reflect this." -- ProCivitas 11/2007

"What effective methods do you suppose we have for detecting when public officials have opened off-shore bank accounts and/or arranged for 'bag-men' to receive bribe money/payoffs on their behalf?." -- ProCivitas 12/2007

"Regarding the term 'feminism'... If a movement were established called 'White-ism' and its members assured you they just favored racial fairness and equality, would you believe them? The term 'Feminism' similarly suggests by its exclusionary nature, that it's mostly about anti-male factionalism." -- ProCivitas 11/2007

"Predatory economics is unnecessary and semi-criminal." --ProCivitas 2/2008

"Those engaged in organized crime and semi-crime can and should find better, ethical ways to earn a living." -- ProCivitas 2/2008

"Toward a better Citizenship Policy: More Mandatory Exile/repatriation for criminal cases. Voluntary Repatriation Incentives for non-criminal cases of dysfunction to whatever continent is most appropriate. Did wonders for Roger Williams and Rhode Island, and later it helped give Liberia its start." -- ProCivitas 12/2007

"In America the homosexual community is a well-funded/organized faction that forms law advocacy groups, homosexual business directories, homosexual political PACs, and career-advancement groups in many career fields to the exclusion of non-homosexuals. And pushes for pro-homosexual indoctrination programs in the public/government primary and secondary schools, often at taxpayers' expense.
And I think 'faction' is the right term, i.e. working for their own gain at the relative expense of others. (e.g. undermining the 'freedom of non-association' that's everyone's natural right in matters of employment, housing rental, etc.) Generally the pro-homosexual faction seems to operate as part of the roughly 'anti-whitemalestraightchristian' coalition." -- ProCivitas 11/2007

"Certain topics separate the 'economic patriots' from the mercenary whores. Much of corporate America seems to have a disloyalty problem." --ProCivitas 10/2007

"We all (media, voters, etc.) need better criteria by which to evaluate/ discuss political campaigns. I would strongly suggest that the 'Advocacy Impact' of a campaign -- of introducing 'key facts' and topics into general circulation is hugely significant -- beyond who wins a particular seat.
By this 'Advocacy Impact' standard some high-funded but vague campaigns rate kinda low as they don't actually deliver any identifiable 'key facts' into the public discourse.
On the other hand, I would bet that some such as Duncan Hunter's, Ralph Nader's, and Ron Paul's campaigns would have a high 'Advocacy Impact Index' rating. All campaigns can keep a fair rough-estimate total of the people attending speeches, receiving fact-flyers, hearing radio ads, reached by neighborhood canvassing... That number multiplied by the number of 'key facts' and topics introduced, and multiplied again by a coefficient of impact (0 to 1) would give us something like that 'Advocacy Impact Index'.
That's a lot more substantive than indulging/repeating/supporting the 'who's ahead?' mantra of mercenary corporate media. Advocacy impact is a strong, though under-reported, measure of a campaign's success." -- ProCivitas 1/2008

"'The Best Interests of the Child'(the standard generally cited by courts in divorce/child custody cases) are best served by shared physical custody with an agreed custody plan. Thus neither parent is marginalized. That marginalization, or alienation, is destructive to kids --- and the harm to either parent shouldn't be discounted either. The 'best parent' is both parents, usually." -- ProCivitas 11/2007

"I've never known the worker-owners of a Worker Co-op to send their own jobs overseas, or anyone else's."-- ProCivitas 12/06

"Most of the Occupy Movement and the grass-roots of the Tea Party Movement share noble goals, frighten the Predatory Parasite Corporatists, and should make common cause." -- ProCivitas 11/11


" Leftism is not Progressive : Progressives favor organic farming, decentralization, 'Ghandian economics', fair + open process, natural energy for producing electricity, and co-ops.
Leftists favor coercive socialism, predatory trade, parasitism, corrupt patronage, ideological reductionism and indoctrination, moral degeneracy, adversarial factionalism, and the idolatry of power."-- ProCivitas 5/2006

"Leftists are totalitarian thugs when in power, anarchic thugs when not in power, and wheedling subversives always." -- ProCivitas 5/2006

"Leftists pursue degenerate goals by illegitimate means."-- ProCivitas 9/2004

"The Leftist mode of discourse is inquiry, propaganda, evasion and slander."--ProCivitas 5/06

"Leftism is more a mental pathology than a particular political program."-- ProCivitas 7/06

"The Leftist pathology is characterized by an adversarial temperment of paranoia, delusions of grandeur, and narcissism."--ProCivitas 7/06

"Leftists don't always wear the labels you would expect."--ProCivitas 7/2006

Leftists should reconsider, repent and atone.

Some Historical Varieties of Leftism: Robespierre and Jacobin 'Reign of Terror' (circ.1790), Lenin-Stalin-Mao and Communism (circ.1917-), Mussolini and Fascism (circ. 1925-45), Hitler and Nazism (circ. 1932-45)

Some Important Contrasts: Conservative vs. Corporatist, Progressive vs. Leftist, Investors vs. Predatory Speculator-Parasites,

Key Constituency Groups of the Left: 'Anti-male' feminists; 'anti-white' racists; public payroll parasites; the drug sub-culture; litigation parasites; trust fund semi-parasites; the 'non-profit sector' payroll; corrupt public contractors; corrupt trade-associations seeking legal preference; corrupt unions seeking legal preference; corporate parasites on 'corporate welfare'; financier parasites; indoctrinated media leftists; indoctrinated academic leftists; organized crime; non-organized criminals; sub-cultures of the sexually confused; ethnic faction groups; the insane and highly neurotic community; moral relativists, nihilists, esoteric gnostics, egomaniacs, and those averse to God...

On First Becoming a Conservative:
First year of college. The professors and college-funded programs were all so consistently liberal-to-left leaning (a leaning that I then tended to share, equating it with compassion and decency, 'To Kill a Mockingbird', Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle', combating 'McCarthyism' and so on) that I began to look-up other sources just for some variety and to perhaps cull some valid and 'different' items for class discussion. Surely fellow liberal-minded classmates and professors would welcome the 'diversity'?
So, for a Comparative European Political Economy course, I happened upon a few issues of The Economist, and took notice of what seemed to be a bright, interesting fellow on the PBS interview program Firing Line: William F. Buckley, Jr. And with some facts and sources thus gathered, I offered them and a few questions to the next class, mostly on the effects of unions in Britain at the time and their effect on financially marginal companies.
Well, while the professor and most classmates just glared angrily at me, one classmate jumped out of her chair and began shouting at me. Nobody there objected to her rant. And I hadn't actually advocated anything yet; merely raised a few facts and a question or so that wasn't part of the received dogma.
It kind of seemed like that scene in 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' when the crowd of 'pod people' suddenly recognize that the protagonist isn't one of their fellow alien zombies.
It was about then that I decided I didn't want to be part of what was beginning to seem like a leftist academic cult. I read Buckley's compilation 'Keeping The Tablets: American Conservative Thought in the Twentieth Century', Rossiter's 'Conservatism, The Thankless Persuasion', Russell Kirk's 'Portable Conservative Reader', George Nash's 'History of 20th Century Conservatism', and a collection of Ayn Rand essays, cast my first general election vote for Ronald Reagan, helped start the Republican Club on campus, and have been generally pleased to not idolize any ideology ever since.
Horowitz and Colliers' 'Destructive Generation, Second Thoughts About the Sixties' explains a lot of what I experienced on campus.
Also, there was a neighbor of mine when I was in high school in suburban Boston whom I helped build a horse stable. He was extraordinarily capable, bright, knowledgeable, and concerned about issues in the world. An engineer, pilot, and business consultant ...and the first Conservative I'd actually gotten to know. So, there was that example suggesting that conservatism might not be the troglodyte intellectual/moral slum I had been lead to believe. He remains one of the people I most try to emulate. Personal example goes a long way.

Notes Toward Civic Activism:

Other than time with our loved ones, 'civic fellowship' is perhaps the most worthwhile/rewarding use of one's discretionary time. I recommend tithing of one's 'discretionary time'--and what's that? Well, of the 168 hrs. we all have in a week subtract the rough estimates of 56 hrs sleep, 50 hrs work + commute, 14 hrs for meals, and you have 48 hrs remaining to allot as you see fit --'discretionary time'. Not that there aren't already 'claims' upon it; It's not the 'free time' in your week, but you have some choice/discretion about it. So, for starters, that 'civic tithed' 10% comes to aprox. 5 hrs per week.

'What then, brothers, shall we do?' Civic Activism requires that one be dedicated, informed, ethical and good-natured, and prudent in the budgeted use of one's time. It's important to allocate our limited time to specific tasks and projects, and it's best to do them in teams of 2 or more people ( hence 'civic fellowship'). If you don't already know some members for your local 'civic team', check out things like Heritage Foundation's on-line TownSquare for a conservative group that meets in your area, or maybe's various conservative groups locally. Or stop in on an active Republican Town Committee in your area. Talk with the folks at these meetings and identify some who'd like to work on some projects and tasks with you.

Projects/Tasks like what? Well, things probably need to improve in your town, county, and state. It's likely that your fellow citizens are vague about their public budgets, their school curricula comparatively, and the changes in laws/ordinances that should occur at whatever level. A good first project is to post a local Budget-In-Brief/Synopsis on a 8.5x14" sheet on all local bulletin boards, etc, highlighting what you like, and include the meeting time/place of your local Selectman/City Council/Finance Committee/or School Board, along with the contact telephone number for your group. (estimated time to complete Budget-In Brief project: 3-4 hrs.) Other Project/tasks : the citizens of every state should have the rights of 'recall'and 'referendum',but not all do. Judgeships should probably be renewed/reviewed by voters every 6 years or so. 'Shared Parenting Guidelines' laws should probably be enacted in every state to uphold the fair and equal treatment of fathers and mothers in family court, and reduce frivolous divorce. The Tech School, High School, and College grads from your county should probably be informed as to why it's important and how it's viable to work, build businesses, and put down roots/raise families in your county. Being 'your own best market first', it's probably a good idea to inform and foster a mutual loyalty among your fellow citizens toward local businesses/industry. If your primary and secondary school curriculum doesn't include a solid introduction to local and state history/culture it should. And so on.

Foreign Policy Activism

Advocacy:Whatever your area of foreign policy interest, there are usually a few 'think tank' advocacy groups, a foreign newspaper or two, a few federal agencies, a State Department desk officer, a CIA desk officer, some Congressional committee and sub-committee members, and some corporations, labor unions, and trade associations that share your interest, even if they don't all agree with you. The idea is to identify those that are persuadable to your preferred policy, and get them to focus on it and do something. Specify the particular personnel that are responsible for policy decision and implementation. Compile their telephone numbers, addresses, and email on your 'civic contact'list. Correspond with them. Obtain their position and reasoning. If you differ and remain unpersuaded, compile the 'key facts' of your position and communicate them up the 'chain of command' within the organization, perhaps sending a 'courtesy copy'(cc:) to a media correspondent and/or Congressional staff who agree with you (for accountability -- it sometimes helps if employees within an organization understand that you're not raising the topic as an ignorable, isolated individual).

Direct Action: You are usually at liberty to fund whatever or travel to wherever you think best. You can establish correspondence with citizens of other countries, assist in starting businesses, legal/advocacy groups, credit unions/lending/investment groups, radio stations, self-defense groups, neighborhood associations, etc. If prudent, you can organize 'civil disobedience' projects that will bring attention to an issue, so long as you are informed of/willing to accept the legal penalties for a 'civil disobedience' action, -- and so long as the action is ethical, prudent, and good-natured in keeping with the Conservative Tradition.

U.S. Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121
U.S. House switchboard: (202) 225-3121
White House comments: (202) 456-1111
Find your House Rep.:
Find your US Senators:

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.~Durant