Since Apr 20, 2003

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Why the handle proudvet77 ?

Served in the USN from 1970 to 1974. Had 3 very different experiences..

First year - Boot camp, ETA school GLAKES (E-Branch), CI/SERE school Coronado Island.
For those that understand SERE (was war criminal 183), being waterboarded is not torture, just VERY unpleasant.

Second year - A short tour of Vietnam with mobile riverine forces. Was shortened due to the Nixon Vietnamization program.
I like to tell the fine liberals in MA that Nixon likely saved my life. ;)

Third and Fourth years - Worked as an EW (electronics warfare tech) on the USS McCloy (DE-1038 at the time).
Spent a lot of time at sea chasing the soviet navy and avoiding being sea sick. Oddly this was the most intense time in the USN for me.
Got to spend some time off the coast near Murmansk Russia. The CO at the time went on to have 4 stars.

Why proudvet ?

When I got out it was 1974. Due to social pressures I got rid of my uniforms and made like I’d never been in the service.
Some people were openly hostile to vets back then.

Proudvet - Took a lot of years to become proud I ever served. I owe being proud to President Reagan, who “made it OK” to be a proud veteran.

77 ? My luck numbers are 7 & 11 (born on 7 November)