Since Sep 25, 2004

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I have been Republican (or politically to the right) from birth. My whole family (unfortunately) was far left and not convertible. I have been a student of politics all my life and it's my #1 habit/study. I need to add all my favorite quotes from the Heavies of the past, but this is a start. I'm an accountant by schooling and background.

Does anyone know what HMFIC means?

Husband - Vietnam Vet. He was in the Navy:

My husband works (I've got ten years) in the defense industry on some very COOL stuff.

Wish I could post the pics of the specifics but there are copyright issues. To be vague, this is one of my former programs:

I bought a camcorder to enhance this webpage (and to learn HTML) so I can post some cool pics of my Viking Kitty:

RIP my sweet dear Coon Kitty Raffus!

His replacement is a TERROR ON WHEELS! PICS to follow.


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Sapphire is definitely a VIKING KITTY:

Need to add why I found this site - the total take down of the worst loser of all (okay outside of sKerry) D. Blather! Thanks Jim Robinson!