Since Mar 22, 2002

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Coming from a three generation deep North Dakota Democrat family on both sides makes me a political black sheep. However, I didn't come to my political beliefs to thumb my nose at my family. (Ron Reagan, jr. are you listening?) My conservative thinking actually was derived from my paternal Grandma's steadfast Christianity. In the 1950's and 60's, a Christian Democrat was not the contradiction it is today. Democrats have moved so far away from from their earlier beliefs as to become unrecognizable, and my family cannot break away from their Democrat label. They don't realize what a radical agenda democrats present for America. This is classic head in the sand thinking. They don't really agree with the anti-american, anti-christian agenda, but go along with it, just because they are Democrats. How does one try to convince them politely their thinking is flawed? That is my challenge, and I have tried, but have basically given up because my convincing arguments have no effect. They will never change. So, we just don't talk politics anymore, as I value my good relationship with them.