Since Oct 30, 2000

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I am a Believer in Jesus Christ first and foremost.

After that, I am retired United States Army, Vietnam war veteran with the 4th Infantry Division at An Khe, RVN. I served nearly 9 1/2 years of my 20+ years in Germany with assignments in Bad Kissingen, Giessen, Frankfurt and Munich. I was originally in the Infantry, but wounds in Vietnam caused the military to reclassify me out of Infantry into Legal. I worked the last 16 years in Army JAG Corps Legal handling mostly Courts-Martial.

My main activity in these last days of earth’s history is studying my Bible, reading Biblical materials and studying Scripture and writings. I don’t come here as much as I did when Free Republic was first put on the web. I started with another user name and changed to this one later on. I have posted on FR since the site first hit the web.