Since Oct 30, 2000

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I am retired United States Army, Vietnam war veteran with the 4th Infantry Division at An Khe, RVN. I served nearly 9 1/2 years of my 20+ years in Germany with assignments in Bad Kissingen, Giessen, Frankfurt and Munich. I was originally in the Infantry, but wounds in Vietnam caused the military to reclassify me out of Infantry into Legal. I worked the last 16 years in Army JAG Corps Legal handling mostly Courts-Martial. RetiredArmy drops by this site daily to catch up on all the news that is fit to be news. Basically I don't post as much as I used too as those with big mouths on this site, think they know it all or own the site, think theirs is the only opinion, are basically snobs, have led to me not posting as much. The arguments of this world are not worth it. There are more important tasks at hand. I will work on those.

I spend my main time these days reading Biblical materials and my Bible and studying Scripture and writings.

I will stop in daily to check the news headlines and post on topics, but my available time is now limited. Sorry to my too long time posting friends here and good luck. God Bless each here.