Since Jan 8, 1998

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Currently an assistant professor in the College of Information Technology for a small but growing private university. Retired military, started as an enlisted Marine, finished college and completed career as an Air Force Officer (O-4, 22+ years total service). Have worked over the years as a dishwasher, cook, military journalist, microbiologist, missile launch officer, systems analyst, operations officer, airborne nuclear command, control, communications battlestaff director plus a lot of other additional duties (i.e. document and personnel security, semi-tractor driver, operations planner)and as a systems analyst (software development) for a major insurance company. Long-time conservative on most everything. Republican who considers the RAT party to be historically and to the present the “domestic” part of the oath I took, “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. A history buff and one who believes in strict construction when it comes to the constitution.