Since Nov 26, 2000

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ME: A South-Centric Spanish/Native American/Irish/English/Cajun 23 year old Texan American Male, 5'6" 215 lbs, balding and bearded. Severely nearsighted.

Ideology: Right-Centre Conservative.

Religion: Christian. Devout Roman Catholic "convert." Actually it's just a reignition of the RCC in the family that's been missing for a generation

Lurked for a long time but signed on Free Republic at the time of the attempted Theft Of The Presidency and got back to my roots.

I drink, I chew Copenhagen, I eat meat. I swear some. I do automotive engine rebuilding and machine work with a little mechanicing on the side.

But I do have my own business and I'm a businessman, and I ain't cool with government coming in and telling me how to run my own business. How does some bureaucrat know about rebuilding an engine, eh?

I'm also afflicted with a form of rheumatic disease, akin to SLE or, as it's named right now, UCTD. It's an auto-immune disease, which means that my body's antibodies see the connective tissues as foriegn entities and attack them. I often feel very rough, tired and sickly, but I've not reverted to holding my hand out to the Government. Their money isn't going to help me feel better, nor will any of their programs make me feel better. The medical profession is corrupt, but talking about that will make me just feel worse. ;)

Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite president. I don't vote party-line Republican but most often I vote Republican. Where I'm at the Blue-Dog style Democrats still have a heavy hold on the local spots, and they are still conservative, mostly. I vote pro-life, unless the office is one that does not pertain to abortion, and then I vote for the most fiscal conservative. Social conservativism, though a lovely idea, just washes out often times by the liberal voices. I fight them, but it doesn't work out all the time. I will get right into a liberal's face and argue with them about anything they wanna and NOT using those $10 words. I use ain't and y'all. Sure, I can talk like a Californian, but I ain't gonna. I think I get my point across fully well with anecdoctal references to my Home (South Alabama) and how liberalism affects me personally. I use the "feelings" thing on the liberals and, being weak as they are, cave in.

Often times I get bashed RL and Online for my lack of reference to Our Lord and Saviour and I'm considered an atheist. I don't invoke the Lord much because I am reminded of scripture - "The Exalted shall be Humbled, and the Humbled shall be Exalted." I was religion-less for a while but I'm back in full boogie with the Lord. I'm reviving my roots and getting the family back into the Church.

Diversity is not a word in my vocabulary. All people are the same, regardless of their "cultural" background, for we are all God's Children. I don't like to change but I accept change begrudgingly.

Another thing I catch grief about is that I do not fit the typical heterosexual male. Don't worry, I'm straight, but I am not one who lusts after women nor do I even date. I recognise a beautiful woman or a handsome man, but I do not have feelings of a sexual nature towards either. I am not looking for a wife, but if I do it will be on the basis of her sense and intellect over her looks. The sexual revolution has created so much ruckus in this country it's unbelievable.

I take conservatism to another level. :) That's about it about me.