Since Nov 22, 2002

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How ya doin'? I have no use for liberals, left-wingers, pinkos, whatever you prefer they be called without using colorful language, FCC and all that. I believe they are responsible for all that is wrong with the world today. Of course, we conservatives (no colorful language available), with our logic, common sense, level-headedness, superior analytical skills, and a way better sense of humor, manage to keep things runnin' down the right path. I despise invasive government, confiscatory taxes, and the cradle to grave nanny-state mindset. I am positive, as I'm sure you all are, that the UN is evil. More evil than the terrorists that do their dirty work. I also believe that the 2nd Amendment was sent from Heaven above, and let no man cut asunder.

I'm roamincadillac, and I approve this message.