Rose of Sharn
Since Nov 26, 2004

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From Middle GA, married to James (deaconjim).
I am originally from the UK, being Scottish/Irish. Arrived here 5 years ago and love America! I Love the freedom of speech and also the beautiful country.
Very very different, but in a good way. In the UK we are packed in like sardines!
I think I am just begining to understand the redneck folks around here! (and visaversa).LOL

I miss British fish and chips and the weather being cold enough to able to relax in front of a real log fire all year round!

I am very happily married to DeaconJim (who is an American), and we have 3 great kids of 11, 6 and 3. My dream is to buy acerage to farm free-range without the use of hormones and chemicals. I love to read and write, and cook. Family life is very important to me, as are friends. I believe that a wicked sense of humor is an essential part of life!

I am not "religious". I have FAITH.
God is my guide.