Since Dec 17, 1998

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I'm an aspiring polymath with a passion for designing and developing. Married 27yrs w/ 4 kids. Served in the Army (98C Korean).

I strive to keep and honor the three covenants I've made in my life: To God, My Wife, and My Country.

It seems I embody quite a combination of “undesirable” human traits to the current culture: Christian, White, Male, Heterosexual, Middle-aged, Faithfully Monogamous, Father of Many Children, Conservative, Business Owner, Veteran, Gun Owner, etc...

If history is any guide, at some point I'll likely be targeted by The Wrong for reconditioning or removal. I do, and will, resist.

Personal site: roberttravispierce.com

Bitmessage address: BM-NBsSFykiAMuurxU4aBBNJBEcKp29YgY9