Since Jan 14, 2000

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Just a few things of me for those curious and what to know. Here are my stats:

First name: Dianne
Age: is becoming (a girl thing)
Sex: female
Marital status: Married and a parent of a 33 yr old son, and 32yr old step-son.
Education: more than just a BS Degree in Criminal law and environmental studies!
Occupation: retired now -gov't, engineering\traffic safety
Birth place: Upstate New York
Residence: was California since 1963, since retiring - moved to Carson City Nevada area 2011.
Political affiliation: Republican - although not sure they the party establishment knows what it means anymore.
Values: Mostly moderate traditional values. The only way I can describe them is that of the sitcom series of; 'Leave it to Beaver'
Family: Came from a family of ten; seven sisters(including me) and three brothers. All alive and kicking... Mom still in New York, dad passed in the 70's. They were JFK believers. The rest of family is all over the States.

Who am I? I am just like most Freepers...... But I am an individual with leadership goals... I don't follow, I take the lead!
Hope this short profile of me helps.