Since Jan 14, 2000

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Just a few things of me for those curious and what to know. Here are my stats:

First name: Dianne
Age: 40 something (a girl thing)
Sex: female
Marital status: Married and a parent of a 32 yr old son, and 30 step-son.
Education: more than a BS Degree in Criminal law and environmental studies!
Occupation: retired now -gov't, engineering\traffic safety
Birth place: New York
Residence: Ca since 1963, since retiring - moved to Carson City Nevada area.
Political affiliation: Republican
Values: Mostly moderate traditional values. The only way I can describe them is that of the sitcom series of; 'Leave it to Beaver'
Family: Came from a family of ten; seven sisters(including me) and three brothers. All alive and kicking... Mom still in New York. The rest all over the States.

Who am I? I am just like most Freepers...... But I am an individual with leadership goals... I don't follow, I take the lead!
Hope this short profile of me helps.