Ruy Dias de Bivar
Since Jul 19, 2002

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A misplaced New Mexican in the Ozarks. Conservative. Fundamentalist. Right wing gun owner. Born 1946 on the high plains near the Santa Fe trail. Horseshoer, blacksmith, welder, Artist. I notice my camera distorts the paintings.

From my back door..

My paintings

My hand made or modified horseshoes and other tools

Peter Wright Anvil

Jackson Hole Wy

High country sheep herder

Glass Mountains, OKlahoma

Navajo Reservation

Why yard work does not get done

Natural Falls Oklahoma

San Juans

Oklahoma hills

Chokecherry Canyon




Inner Sanctum


Animas Forks finished

Above Chama

Southern Utah

Arkansas Farm

Hermit cabin, Aztec NM

Near Chaco

Work in progress

OKC Murals

Yellowstone Falls

Road to Dead Horse Point

Monument Valley

La Plata Highway

visited 23 states (46%)
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