Since May 9, 2002

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Native West-by-God-Virginian, rabid UGA football fan and proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy. Moved to SC in 1992 -- 'twas the best thing I ever did! Have learned most of my political history from FR and converse with any liberal about their misguided perceptions of life.

Favorite quotes: "Bring 'Em On!" GWB, 2002
"We got him!" Bremer, 2002
"Should we call you Governor or Senator, Sir?" "Just call me Zell." Zell Miller
"Don't mess with her, she messes back." My husband re: his wife, 1998. " You ****** trusted us." Bluto Blutarsky, early 70's. "Well, spread it on the ground and let it come up green." Zell Miller, 1/15/04 when Alan Colmes asked him about dissention in the GA Dem party because of him. "We're turning America into one big assisted living center," Neal Boortz, 2/80
Go DAWGS and God Bless George W. Bush.