Since Oct 2, 2001

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I support Trump. And I thank Sarah Palin for supporting Trump. Trump and Palin both love America.

I want a wall on the southern border.
I want a reset on the muslim invasion of America.

I celebrate a candidate who can turn the table on the media, which controls the debate in America.

Here is a good video on how Trump turns the tables on the media and how the media engages in a barrage of lies about Trump:

And here are Trump positions from Trump for President Website (

More links about Trump and the Open Borders Establishment he is fighting:

The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group

Trump interview 1988

Goldwater Button

We need an index of the ratio of anti-Trump/pro-Trump articles posted on FR.

Just guessing here, but I think if someone puts one together they will find something that looks like this:

2015Oct - 3
2015Nov - 4
2015Dec - 5
2016Jan - 7
2016Feb - 10

Watch the video at post 29.