Since Apr 17, 2003

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Member of The Road-Killed Beeber Association (RKBA)

Sir Scott. Knight Commander of the 0347th Lancer Brigade

The Road-Killed Beeber Association (RKBA) Roll-Call:

neets; darksheare; scott0347; timpad; conspiracy guy; nycgopchick; meekonegop; fedora; osha; cyborg; harmless teddy bear; laura earl; americanwolf; lady jag; 4mycountry; watery tart; slings and arrows; simcha7; DocRock; SandyInSeattle; happygal; grellis; chode; libwhacker; congressmanbillybob; nopardons; Jet Jaguar; bad company; najida; AQGeiger; monkey face; MEG33; TBarnett34; NicknamedBob; LongCut; Iris7; K1avg; Delta 21; Tax-chick; TASMANIANRED; BJClinton; international american; lavrenti; stag; Do not dub me shapka broham; RKBA Democrat; tuliptree76; DarkshadowNY; concretebob; Hi Heels; Knitting a Conundrum; dead corpse; Brad's Gramma; Squarebarb; Gabz; Zavien Doombringer; MS.BEHAVIN; shibumi; MikeinIraq; Genesis Defender; Dawsonville_Doc; Freedumb2003; Pippin; expatguy; eastforker; Grampa Dave; azhenfud; Army Air Corps; DarkChylde; mware; onyx; darkwing104; Translates; Alice au Wonderland; Eaker; caryatid; calrighty; EsmeraldaA; Victoria Delsoul; phantomworker; Paul_Denton; Irish_Thatcherite; eeevil conservative; Old Sarge; rzeznikj at stout; King Prout

Court Titles: King Prout -

Darksheare - K'nigget. Lord Accountant and Grand Justicar of All Truly Insane Notions

Harmless Teddy Bear - K'nigget. Lady Snuggles of the Lethal Yew

Timpad - The Wizard Tim, Keeper of the Holy Hand Grenade, Finder of Obscurata

Conspiracy Guy - K'nigget Extraordinaire. Sir Guy de la Conspiracie,

OSHA - K'nigget. Sir OSHA of the Livery, Stater of the Evident and Flatulator From Afar

4mycountry - K'nigget. Lady Morganna, Thrower of Spells and Heavy Objects, Keeper of the Wood Shampoo

The Scourge of Yazid - Prophet and Loon. Our Tom-a-Bedlam, Sir Edgar of the Many Strange Utterances

Americanwolf - Squire. Canis Lupus Americanus (Westernus) = CLAW, for short

Watery Tart - as herself, a "strainge wuhmmuhn taken wit' lyin' in ponds distributin' swords..."

DocRock - K'nigget. aka "Lord Loki" or "Lawd Low Key" if he's in a lower-case frame of mood. Official Snookerer of The King

scott0347 - K'nigget. Sir Scott, K'nigget-Commander of the 0347th Lancer Brigade

trussell - K'nigget. Lady Espiona, Official Sneaky Beeyotch and Vengeful Popper of Lies and Exploder of Retreads

Chode - K'nigget. High Admiral of the RKBA StarDestroyer Armada. Captain of the Imperial UberDestroyer "Jupiter42". Lord Bobo's Bane.

grellis - K'nigget. Lady (?)

Lib Whacker - K'nigget. (?)

Congressman Billybob - Pontifex Maximus. His Indescribably Holiness

Old Sarge - K'nigget-Commander. Sergeant-At-Arms, Sentinel of Meetingplaces both Clandestine and Public.)