Since Aug 6, 2002

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Hey folks, I chose the screen name SeenTheLight, not for religious reasons, but to signify a political transformation. I'm one of the many Americans who before 9/11 was a clueless Liberal and who afterwards became a determined Conservative. They say a Liberal is just a Conservative who's never been mugged and in my case, that holds true. On 9/11 America was "mugged" in a big way and the effect on some of us was like lightening striking. I felt as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes and suddenly I saw the world for what it was. I had literally seen the light. I have continued my political education over the last year and if anything, my beliefs have only gotten stronger.

Being Jewish, my awakening was furthered along by the constant attacks on Israel by its "neighbors" the Palestinians. My prior ambivalence towards Israel has been replaced by staunch support. The civilizations of the world are shaping up into alliances and coalitions (as they always do before a world war or major conflict) and I'm clearly on the side of Israel and America. Those that side with us and with Western Judeo-Christian Civilization have my support.

I've gotten a lot of comfort from my fellow Freepers over the last year or so (different screen name and mostly just reading) and I thought it was time to come out of the closet, so to speak. I welcome anyone's comments or thoughts on what I've written here.