Since Jul 9, 2001

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I am a conservative American Indian who loves God and country. As a young adult I didn't know where I fit in politically, but that changed when Ronald Reagan became President. Since the Reagan era I have been a Republican and proud of it.
I lurked around Free Republic for about a year before registering with the screen name Senorita, even though I should be a Senora.
After raising my family and sending them out into the world I enrolled in college. I recently graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies and earned my teaching credential.
I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening, kayaking, quilting and surfing the net.
I have five beautiful grandchildren and am looking forward to more. Favorite Bible verse: "For to whom much is given, of him much is required"... Luke 12:48
As an American I have been blessed with much and believe that those blessings came with a price and will only continue with individual responsibility.
Great advice for everyone: Never get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.