Since Jun 25, 2004

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I followed a link from Drudge in 1999, and lurked for quite awhile, hence the screename . Escaped Mexifornia in 2011. Generation X Christian conservative without apology.

Live Free Or Die! "I have sworn, on the Altar of God, eternal hostility again all forms of tyranny over the minds of Men" Thomas Jefferson I am a hard core Christian Zionist. Those who hate the Jewish people can go to Hell. BLOAT...Buy Lots Of Ammo and Train. I'M EXTREME AS ALL GET OUT...ALL STATIST, COLLECTIVIST PIGS CAN ROT AND DIE..MAY YOU ALL BURN IN ETERNAL HELL-FIRE. I will die FREE. If you disagree...GFY...I pray that Almighty God use me in whatever He deems needed in the cause of Liberty..."Give me Liberty or give me Death" All that said...I'm dying free...all tyrants can eat a apo logies to the sensitive sissys