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06/03/09 Back after a couple year absence, just getting back in gear, finding the ‘new me’.

We know that liberalism is a mental disorder. This is exactly WHICH ONE IT IS:

Not to pathologize everything, but everything I read, hear, or see tells me this horrible pimple of a man (0) is not *just* a narcissist. He is a full-on NPD. (NPD = Narcisstic Personality Disorder) NPD’s are true monsters. Sociopaths.

His background of abandonment (by father) plus raised by a trans-sexual nanny created the perfect toxic stew that is NPD.

NPD’s hate themselves (contrary to what most people think on the surface). They identify with the abandonment & abuse, thinking ‘they deserved it’. That is false self image #1. In order to avoid that image - and it MUST be avoided at all costs! - they construct false self-image #2: the skittle-pooping unicorn. BOTH images are false. That means, with him - there’s no THERE there.

He possesses all these traits:

- Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation

- Taking advantage of others to reach own goals

- Exaggerating own importance, achievements, and talents

- Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance

- Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others

- Becoming jealous easily

- LACKING EMPATHY and disregarding the feelings of others (that is the big one - the “tell”)

- Being obsessed with self

- Pursuing mainly selfish goals

- Trouble keeping healthy relationships

- Becoming easily hurt and rejected

- Setting goals that are unrealistic

- Wanting “the best” of everything

- Appearing unemotional

NPD also frequently appears with CO-MORBIDITIES... In his case, it is homosexuality & drugs (self-medicating).

NPD’s ARE charming btw, until you see the mask come off. That’s why so many are in thrall - they don’t see it.

America is in the grip of a sociopath and his like-minded, selfish sycophants. There is no mistake about this.

Two more things:

1. NPD’s FEAR the most - ABANDONMENT (echoes early trauma) & UNMASKING.

2. NPD’s HATE the most - RIDICULE

He, along with every leftist SHOULD BE abandoned, IGNORED, and ridiculed.

It is also clear that liberals are not *just* bat shiite crazy sock-whisperers (h/t Salamander). The whole progressive movement, since its beginnings (I would argue that Satan is the “original narcissist”, but that would make this already overlong post groan even louder) is purposefully malicious.

The left’s, the Narcissist’s corrosive policies have done nothing but sow hate, despair, mass murder, and every form of human degradation... all the while cloaking themselves in care, concern, magnanimousness. (I made that word up spellcheck, shut up)

It is easy to see why.

They must project their self-hate. They MUST. They are driven to it. It is an uncontrollable impulse, hard-wired. Just as they must conceal their hate behind their sanctimonious clokes (KJV spelling there).

It sucks to be their victims just a little less than it sucks to be them.