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Spruces thrive in Minnesota. They are designed for cold places. And they look their best when their limbs are drooping with snow.
Scientists have found Norway Spruce in the mountains in western Sweden, nicknamed Old Tjikko, which at an age of 9,550 years are claimed to be the world's oldest known living trees

The Sitka spruce (picea sitchensis), which is recognized as the most valuable tree species in Alaska and which is found in both national forests of the state, is designated the official tree of the State of Alaska.

At the University of Minnesota, seventeen spruce trees memorialize students and faculty who died in World War I.
(right) A plaque commemorating the grove planted by the class of 1920.

Too many moose can produce a spruce forest. When aspens, birches, and willows are eaten away by hungry moose, young spruce thrive without competition. Once a spruce forest has taken hold, both beaver and moose must move on.

The Spruce Grouse (left) is good to eat, and because it does not fear people, it does not thrive around human habitation. It is so trusting that hunters have been able to walk up to it and bag it with a stick.

1775 - Revolutionary War measures by Congress include rationing to each soldier one quart of Spruce Beer or Cider per man per day.
Benjamin Franklin's Spruce Beer
Translated from the french while he was stationed in France.

A Way of making Beer with essence of Spruce

For a Cask containing 80 bottles, take one pot of Essence and 13 Pounds of Molases. - or the same amount of unrefined Loaf Sugar; mix them well together in 20 pints of hot Water: Stir together until they make a Foam, then pour it into the Cask you will then fill with Water: add a Pint of good Yeast, stir it well together and let it stand 2 or 3 Days to ferment, after which close the Cask, and after a few days it will be ready to be put into Bottles, that must be tightly corked.

Leave them 10 or 12 Days in a cool Cellar, after which the Beer will be good to drink.

The Connecticut Warbler (above) breeds in the early summer in the boreal forests of central Canada, northern Minnesota, and northern Michigan. Its favorite breeding grounds are boggy spruce forests where uncountable masses of mosquitoes, black flies, and ticks feed mercilessly on human flesh.

Now commonly tagged the "Spruce Goose" the aircraft has endured to become a popular cultural artifact telling a remarkable story of sacrifice, determination, and technological development. The HK-1, still the biggest aircraft ever built, was decades ahead of its time in the early 1940s. It revolutionized jumbo flying bodies and large lift capability, shaping modern flight.

Civ II Strategies:spruce, Forest: High defense bonus. Occupy these places to delay the enemy advance.

Sitka spruce provides high quality wood. It has been used to build ship’s masts and airplanes. During the Second World War the Mosquito bomber was made from Sitka spruce.

The resinous exudation of the Norway spruce, melted and strained, furnishes "Burgundy Pitch", or "European Frankincense".
It acts as a counter-irritant, and is applied to the chest in chronic pulmonary complaints, to the loins in lumbago, and to other parts to relieve local pains of a rheumatic character.

The blue spruce (Picea pungens Engelm) was chosen by the Utah State Legislature in 1933 to be the state tree. The tree is found in the Wasatch and Uinta mountains at elevations between 6,000 to 11,000 feet. It can be transplanted successfully and is widely used as an ornamental tree. Its foliage is generally silvery blue in color and has the ability to withstand temperature extremes.

Ladies and gentlemen; I present....The Spruce!