Since Aug 28, 2001

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I'm a classic American. My roots are traceable to Scotland (paternal) and France (maternal) with a few odd bits in between. Other family members from both sides of the Atlantic have made it possible to me to know that side of the family and my life is richer for it. It has also lead to some interesting clashes. For example, I had extended family on both sides of Bloody Sunday.

I am a husband to my wife of many years and a father to my two daughters, now grown. They are the loves of my life. I do not know what I would do without them. We are a well armed family. We keep our principle weapons (our minds) in good shape and the rest follows, be it fitness or weaponry.

I have a set of religious convictions, but they are no one else’s business but mine. I tolerate others with different beliefs, but have a real problem if they try to make their religious views public law. I could almost tolerate Islam if its adherents were not trying to force the Sharia on everyone.

I am a strong supporter of Israel, though not for religious reasons. There is a lot we in the US could learn from them. It is the only truly free nation in the Middle East. It deserves our support.

I'm a motorcyclist, not a biker. I ride a sport touring bike and put on lots of miles. On it I have seen a side of this nation that I would have never found in a car. It also seems to draw interesting people into contact and the occasional overzealous LEO. It’s my primary recreation.

I enjoy Celtic music and dance, well before it was trendy and Riverdance and Celtic Women were big hits. However I am in no part Irish and deplore (as do any native Irish) the sham that St Patrick’s Day has become in this country and wear orange to protest against it. I have a formal kilt and wear it occasionally.

I take a very aggressive stance when it comes to civil rights. I don't answer questions I don't have to, even if they are asked by LEOs. I ignore exit searches at stores when I did not agree to them up front. I have regularly denied access to my properties to surveyors of all sorts be they from the county over a road or environmentalists. I have taken on the local schools repeatedly and won. I am not afraid to use the courts to enforce the law on these so called public servants or dogooders when they insist on trespassing or other abridgments of my rights and the rights of others.

I have moved around the country a fair amount and know a great deal about the Navy and military aviation. Draw you own conclusions. I am also an occasional advocate for violence. This nation is free due to the rough men who stand ready to do violence on its behalf. Sometime it is necessary to be violent personally, as in defending yourself or not allowing others to be harmed. I've done both, and have the scars to show for it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I tend to be aggressive in discussions here and elsewhere. I don’t respect ideologues and fools. When engaged in discussions and debate, one should answer questions put to you and defend your position, reason clearly. I may not agree with you but I will respect you. Don’t do the above, and I get derisive. It has gotten me in trouble here and elsewhere. Oh well, I do not suffer fools well.

I love this country with all my heart, but also recognize that there are the occasional dark places that need to be exposed and fixed. That is one of the reasons I participate here at Free Republic.

If there is anything truly defining about me it is this: Edmund Burke is credited with saying “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” To which my response is “Evil will not triumph on my watch”.

The Starwolf