Since Feb 1, 1999

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Scottish by heritage, American by the grace of G-d.

Born in the belly of the beast, Massachusetts. Moved to Florida as soon as legally possible.

i am a Constitutional libertarian (not the drug crazed loonies today). small govt, personal responsibility, strong defense, America first (my addition). President Reagan is my idea of what a US President should be. strong. inspiring. determined. and had a good vision for the people, the country and the world.

i am 100% against anything and everything the left turns out.

they are my enemy. i say this without hesitation or remorse. just like a jewish guy would identify a nazi or a black guy would identify a kkk member... that’s how i see progressives. in every walk of life they are everything that is bad with the country. they push for everything i despise and abhor in the world.

my enemy.

pure and simple.