Steve Schulin
Since Oct 24, 1998

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I first visited Free Republic during Bill Clinton administration, following a link from a post on the usenet newsgroup alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater. I felt right at at home immediately, but didn't register until "March for Justice" organizers asked for replies from those wont to attend.

Besides helping keep informed, there's been several things that never would have happened if not for Freeping:

* I brought my parents with me to March for Justice, and they enjoyed the speakers and meeting kindred spirits from across the land, as did I. Imagine our delight when opening the next day's Wahington Post, there was a picture of the crowd, with my silver-haired mom listening intently, oblivious to the hilarious "Chicken Man" costumed fellow next to her. Mom even saved the protest sign she made there on the mall: "America, I could not love thee half so much, loved I not honor more".

* I took my two young sons to the "March for Truth" on the steps of the Capitol.

* I went down to the White House one day and used the opportunity to urge Wolf Blitzer to "TELL THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE, WOLFIE". The grin this elicited from his cameraman let me know that Mr. Blitzer heard me.

Politically, I'm a libertarian at heart. My favorite presidential moments have been when Reagan said "Government is not the solution -- it's the problem" and when Clinton said "The era of big government is over."

Sept 2010 update

After Bill Clinton left the White House, my blood pressure went back to normal. I supported Alan Keyes for President in 2000 (and he continues to represent my views better than any other presidential candidate in my lifetime). When McCain had won enough delegates to capture the GOP nomination in 2008, I decided to look elsewhere for a political party home. I still consider myself a libertarian, but the Libertarian Party doesn't reflect my view that there are serious implications of the wonderful American perspective that our liberties are God-given. There's other things I disagree with many libertarians about, too -- I'm in favor of strict control of who's entering our national borders, for example. I urge all God-fearing, liberty-loving, sovereignty-conserving Freepers to check out America's Party.

August 2011 update

None of the GOP presidential candidates come close to representing my views, even on the most important things. What's the #1 problem in America today? I think the answer is clear: we are in rebellion against God. As serious as they are, our many other problems are in large part symptoms of this rebellion. I think the single best indicator of whether a candidate gets this is his or her view on whether abortions should continue to be allowed under color of law. I've decided to never again support any candidate at any level who urges continued compromising on the clear language of the 5th and 14 Amendments that no person shall be deprived of their life without due process.

I'm pretty active on Twitter: @GrandStrander