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Two tours RVN, 11ACR, Field Artillery O-3, OCS, ABN & Jungle School. Never made it to Ranger School.

I am not a retired lying, cheating, thieving weasel fer-left reprobate immoral liberal Washington Democrat ambulance-chasing lawyer.

I am a retired fact-establishing, truth-uncovering, liberty-preserving, NRA-supporting, Constitution-preserving, usually victorious Conservative Washington learned Republican Legal Counsel and church elder.

USAR JAG O-6, now on 7th 2-year waiver for mandatory age-based retirement. I keep threatening to sue for age discrimination if they do not give me the next waiver. The Pentagon, (also known as Five-Sided Puzzle Palace, the Mustang Ranch-East, The Leaning Tower of Weasels and The Tower of Babelian Misstatements in the old days) is 99% sure I am kidding, but they are not 100% sure, so I have no problems. Handling traffic tickets years ago for Colonels and Sergeants who are now Generals and Sergeants Major has paid off handsomely.

Was on FR since MonicaWorld but accidentally posted in clear text what had been sent encrypted 18 years earlier but since declassified. Voluntarily left for the 7 year clearing cycle as a result. (Vets will understand).