Since Feb 4, 2006

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There Is Hope...

For those who despair that their lives are without
meaning and without purpose;
For those who dwell in a loneliness so terrible that
It has withered their hearts and bowed them to
the ground;
For those who hate because they have no recognition
Of the destiny available to all humanity;
For those who would squander their lives in self-pity,
And self-destruction because they have worn the
Disguise of this world so long they have become their disguise;
For those who don’t have a reason enough to comb their
Hair and can’t look themselves in the eye in the mirror;

There is Hope

Today –
I bring tidings of comfort and joy!
There Is Hope!

If you have survived but you’ve left your self-esteem behind you
And you have lost the road map back to where you should be;
If you feel frayed and torn, wounded and beaten, waylayed and destroyed
By the intrusion of viscious circumstances;
If the twin sisters Mourning and Depression have come to visit at your house
And now they won’t leave…

There Is Hope!

...subatomicdust 1.1.02