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The voter rebellion is on! Who should lead: Cruz or Trump? Both?
Posted February 3, 2016 at 1:57:45 PM PST by Jim Robinson
...the situation is ripe for rebellion. And we had a great Christian constitutional conservative tea party leader poised to lead it, Ted Cruz. And we were happy to jump on this young lion's bandwagon and push him through to triumph over the Marxist Democrats. But the entrenched GOP establishment would have none of it... But then jumped in an older, long-maned alpha lion who's been around the block a couple times, roaring his way to the top of the hill. Trump's hard-nosed, no-nonsense, non-politically-correct, take no prisoners approach quickly grabbed the attention of the masses of fed-up voters. Trump single handedly slew the establishment's Prince Jeb, the media and the establishment itself and completely rewrote the rules of engagement. His bold pronouncements that he would build a wall, enforce the law and deport them all was the exact right message at the exact right time and immediately vaulted him to front-runner status. And he added to that that he would end sanctuary cities, end anchor babies and even slap a moratorium on Muslim immigration. Again, exactly what the masses wanted to hear. Now, many of us feel that these twin invasions (illegal aliens and Muslim infiltrators) were and are existential threats to our national sovereignty and were thrilled to have a mighty warrior like Trump who takes no guff from the media or the establishment to lead the charge. The media, the establishment and even many so-called conservatives immediately objected with "you can't do that." ...Trump's huge rallies attracted thousands and thousands and his polling numbers soared for months. He was leading in most of the national polls and in most states... Personally, I'm all in for the Rebellion no matter who leads it. And I've often stated that Cruz is my favorite because of his constitutional conservative stance, but if Trump wins the nomination I'll enthusiastically support him in the general. Why? Because we cannot possibly allow yet another American-hating communist to follow Obama into the White House to complete the job of totally destroying our free Republic. End of that story. It's a no-brainer and my picture is in the dictionary under that term. I absolutely love Trump's bold stand against illegal aliens and his call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration and believe it's even stronger than Cruz's past positions. I also love Trump's Reagan-like tax plan. Cruz's flat tax proposal is also interesting. I believe they both want to cut regulations, cut spending, cut government, return education to the states, etc, build a powerful military and fight against terrorism and make America great again... The important thing here (IMHO) is that we save our nation. I'm not ready to rule out either of these candidates...I say we should let the candidates fight it out and not be so eager to trash either one of our leading candidates. Digging up and publishing dirt and rumors on either is not doing our side any good and is potentially destructive in the long run. And trashing our fellow FReepers is something that should never be done.

Actually, it really is a rebellion
Posted on 02/10/2016 11:44:39 AM PST by Jim Robinson
As much as I love Cruz as a conservative, there really is a voter rebellion underway and it may be unstoppable. Despite all the denials, the simple truth is the voters really are fed-up and really are up in arms against the establishment.

Trump's message is exactly what the voters are looking for:

Build the wall, enforce the law, deport them all, slap a moratorium on Muslim immigration, bomb the hell out of ISIS, cut the taxes, cut the spending, cut the regulations, cut the government, cut the bad trade deals, cut the political correctness crap, bring back capital, bring back manufacturing, bring back jobs, get the economy back on track, rebuild the military so no one messes with us and make America great again!

It's a winning message.

The rallies are real.

The pent up anger is real.

The rebellion is real!

GOPe RINOs Bush, Rubio, Kasich, et al, stand no chance whatsoever.

revised 2-10-2016, with more to come.