Since Feb 16, 2004

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Member Texas A&M Class of 1981

Proud father of 19-year-old twins, who now are sophomores in college, yikes!

After 11 years in Austin, I returned to my native East Texas where I no longer had to worry about traffic, smog, over-inflated housing prices and politically-correct yahoos.

I am a former journalist (that's a reporter who actually has morals and ethics) and am now one of the biggest critics and enemies of my former profession.

See the Texas flag at the top?...I am a proud Texas Freeper, and if you are a proud Texas Freeper too, then display the flag!!!!!!

If you don't display the Texas flag, then either your not a real Texan or you just wish you were a Texan!

The following was copied with grateful thanks from Maryland Freeper RockinRight.

I love FR, but sometimes, I get annoyed at the "holier-than-thou" attitude around here. So, I have compiled a list of "FR Evils" which are things that at one time or another, I've discovered makes you evil and deserving of nothing good in life, according to these certain Freepers: According to some here, anyone who has done the following is evil and deserves nothing in life:

-paid a bill late
-lost a job
-had financial difficulties
-committed a minor criminal offense
-are employed in the real estate, mortgage, or financial services industry
-ever been unable to afford something
-ever had bad credit
-ever had sex and enjoyed it (if female)
-knows a gay person and didn't lynch them immediately
-lost money on real estate
-made money on real estate
-lost money on stocks
-used birth control
-made money on stocks
-ever thought that 3 kids is "enough" for them
-seen an "R" rated movie
-watched "24"
-NOT watched "24"
-live together unmarried, even as roommates or at 80 years old
-ever watched, clicked on, or otherwise viewed porn
-ever watched American Idol
-been divorced
-been divorced even if abused in the dissolved marriage
-ever carried a balance on a credit card
-have a relative in a nursing home
-have children in a public school
-have no children, especially if by choice
-ever gambled online
-ever gambled in a real casino
-have a tattoo
-unwilling to work for 94 cents and hour and live 20 people to a house to compete with illegals
-believe that most conspiracy theories are basically just BS made up by basement-dwelling lunatics that live with their parents at age 60

Now a few of my own to add to this list!

-a native born Texan
-use a Mac computer
-not a life-long Republican
-are a journalist or a "former" journalist
- have a degree from an institution of higher learning!
- ever watched or enjoyed an NBA game
- have a relative who suffers from a mental illness
- you don't kneel at the alter of Sarah Palin