Since Apr 16, 2002

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PROUD TO BE UNRECONSTRUCTED & TEXAN Secession is the right of every state in the Union. It is the LAST resort of a free population against the tyranny of a Central Government that has overstepped it's authority. Do not believe the "myth" that the right of secession was ended with the end of the War Between The States. It didn't end there. With the impending tyranny of red states over blue states, the time may well come again, when those states that desire freedom may well need to take back the powers they have delegated to the Federal Government. Let us all pray that such a step is not needed. Texas Conservative Secessionist: A Texan that believes that every state has the ultimate last resort of seceding from the Union. What it doesn't mean: 1. That The South will "RISE" again. (Not gonna happen) 2. Disloyalty. On the contrary, it is loyalty to the Original principles, set down by the founding fathers. 3. That slavery should return...NO, NO, NO! Slavery is certainly wrong by the moral standards of our day. The ending of slavery was the ONLY positive outcome of the "Late Unpleasantness". The flag displayed on my page is the Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag. This flag was carried by my ancestors. My ancestors suffered, and some died for this flag. This flag does not stand for slavery, or the promotion of a return to slavery. This flag is NOT the property of the KKK. This flag represents the bravery of all who fought, and sometimes DIED fighting for their constitutional liberties in the War Between The States. NOTHING ELSE. I am a Texan and proud to live in the last truly FREE state in Amerika