Since Jan 29, 2001

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As paid Campaign Manager I have: 5 wins 1 loss Largest win percentage=71% (We were out spent 8:1) Paid Staff positions: 2 Presidential (professional staff) 2 US Senate (Ohio and Indiana)Staff 1 US House of Reps Deputy Manager-Ohio 3 Gubernatorial (2 Indiana & 1 Ohio) State Senate-Ohio (Manager) Favorite Win? Defeat of county commissioner who was going to rezone my property. Graduate of Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute Campaign Management 3 schools Candidate Development 2 Voter targeting 2 Grassroots Boot camp 1 Public Speaking 2 Fundraising 2 Strict adherence to the "45 Laws of the Public Policy Institute" Author of Rule # 46 "Grassroots will not grow under florescent light" If you have to ask what The Cause is, you need to study more. My new birthday, November 10, 1775. Meet me at Tun Tavern. Took the oath, never resigned it. 3 shots under a minute, Brown Bess. With accuracy. Do it for the Cause!