The Ghost of Rudy McRomney
Since May 7, 2007

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Rough living in oHEILo these days, since it’s slowly but steadily becoming more and more socialist. And the calibre of RHINOs we get here that call themselves “Republicans” haven’t helped any. It’ll probably be at least a decade before the party recovers from the damage Taft ,Montgomery,and company did to it.

Hats off to the following FReepers, who were an inspiration during the campaign:___________________________________________________________________________- cubreporter;bobkk47;paleorite;irish brigade;rurgan;jackv;TCats;dukes travels;jersey117;TAdams8591;rudder;sport;starfan;jackv;harpo11;bill1952;extremely extreme extremist;democrats hate too much;Right_in_virginia;gaffer;dr.scarpetta;soliton;uglyinLA;granitestateconservative;ErnBatavia;freedomwarrior998;palladin;justadumbblonde;right_in_virginia;behind liberal lines;hacklehead;WOSG;nonstatist;mimaw;The_Republican;top 2 toe red;senator goldwater;Ann Archy; rbmillerjr;fightinJAG;jagman;info-scout;night hides not;jveritas;johng45;puroresu;wl-law;ClarenceThomasfan;Anticommie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some original 1950s 'risque' 'good girl'cartoon art I picked up recently: Photobucket Hope Hegewisch Dupa , who shares my taste in women, enjoys that!------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A TRIBUTE TO DARLENE BRENNAN (SHE LION), who I will never forget. R.I.P; Hon. She did love her pet iguanas. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 1942-2008