Since Oct 30, 2002

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I think I'd like to see what others have to say about themselves before I spill my guts. I'm single, almost. I am thoroughly Christian in doctrine, orthodox in my beliefs and half pagan in the way I embrace life. I am an iconoclast who cannot let go of tradition. I am a reconstructionist in a Southern Baptist Church. When I was 20 I wanted to be 30. Now that I am 44, I want to be...44. I feel like I am about to embark on my third life (no, I am NOT a reincarnationist). I was born and raised in Hollywood, California. I allowed God to begin the process of transforming me into the image of his Son, married and had 7 beautiful children, and moved to the South. Now I am about to be single again, a whole lot smarter, a whole lot more in tune with who I am. I may write more as I become more familiar with this web site.