Theodore R.
Since Dec 9, 2000

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A conservative who is skeptical of too much democracy but fearful still of the runaway judiciary.

A lifelong Republican who thinks the GOP is not "republican"; enough and does not fire up its own base sufficiently to win the close elections. So many potential Republicans do not bother to vote. And those who vote in primaries usually just go with the establishment choice or the familiar name.

A foe of socialism, who sees many in Congress as socialists without the capital "S."

Political heroes: Too few to mention. Once you say something nice about a politician, he lets you down.

Favorite columnists: Pat Buchanan, John LeBoutillier, Joseph Farah, Joe Sobran, Wesley Pruden, Paul Craig Roberts (who increasingly is anti-establishment), and the supposedly ascerbic Robert D.S. Novak.

Voted for Buchanan in the 1992 and 1996 primaries