Since Nov 9, 2008

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Many have posted questioning "What's wrong with Montana" regarding Max Baucus and the ?Health Care? BS.

"I CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE!" (I'm a conservative and then a Republican)

I survived the era of ‘Duck and Cover’ and Massachusetts’ political ideology.

In retrospect, I prefer the former since, historically, it has been and is more preventable.

Of course, I'm a long time reader of FR... rip DOS 5. ----------------- July 2015 Well, I've barely survived the last (?) years and am surprised account is still open. Also surprised at the dates of members (thought everyone was older, i.e. longer as members... must be the condensed passage of time w/current regime). "*" B.S. (Barry Soso) sure has taken his toll on this country and our Constitution, hasn't he* I think a long-time (pre double ought year/97?) member posted that sometimes you just have to step away and take a break. If I may, I'd like to try to help.