Since Mar 25, 2008

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I’ve been around since 2000, just got a new screen name.
I’m a staunch Conservative and am dismayed by the apathy in our country in regard to politics. There is truly a movement afoot that wants to destroy this country and their strongest ally is ignorance.
Very few people realise that in 1963, the Communist Goals were read into the Congressional Record and a majority of them have already been realised.
If you haven’t already, please read:
Any American with half a brain can plainly see that our populace has been intentionally dumbed down and lied to in the very way that could ruin our country and all we believe in. From the indoctrination of our children, and their condoned underachievement in schools to our image of international “popularity” impotence. From the powerful gay minority view, supported by activist judiciary to the gross misrepresentation of the most productive and benificent country in the world today being economically weak.
When the Hessians, the Romans, the Ming Dynasty, the British Empire had all the marbles, as we do, they had agendas of conquest. We have never colonialized a nation. Although we could have, we have never taken over a country for ourselves but have helped countless millions of people fight oppression and gave even more hope to have the freedoms and God’s grace that we enjoy.
The internet may negate some of the influence that the MSM has stolen for the past few decades but the intelligence and awareness of the average American must increase if we are to continue life as we know it. Our most important resource is information. I truly believe, and have seen in practice, that we are an intelligent people that only needs to have the facts to make the right choices.
Talk, write, blog...whatever you can. Your voice counts and is desparately needed.