Since Jan 30, 2002

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Born in Louisiana, grew up in Albany, GA, now a computer geek residing in sunny Sarasota, FL. And yes, I'm a
"small-l", anti-War-on-Some-Drugs, couldn't-care-less-what-homosexuals-do-in-private libertarian....there's your ammunition. You're welcome.

(Intended as a reminder that Calling Yourself a Conservative
Doesn't Mean You Understand What the Word Means...)

"I don't care what the friggin' Constitution says or what the law states..."

"It is good for the government to create a regulatory environment where we are sheltered from temptation."

"isn't the United States of America supposed to be about MAJORITY RULE?"

"Your supposed 'right' to destroy yourself infringes on my right to pursue happiness, being sad at having to sit by and watch people needlessly suffer and die."

"I do not consider the black influence on America to be favorable, and that influence ranges on dealing in drugs, gangsta music filled with sex, violence, and drugs that all teens are listening to, high rates of crime, etc."

"We should have compulsory service for the nation, not only in the military. Doing things like building a wall at our southern border, or fighting the environmentalist's forest fires."

"Homosexuality should be prohibited by law."

"Bottom line is we have a country that has gone down in the toilet in the name of "Constitutional Rights"...I'm sorry criminals and drug dealers have NO RIGHTS, and birds of a feather DO INDEED flock together."

"If I could, I'd change the First Amendment just a little."

"I consider the repeal of Prohibition to be yet another mistake of the FDR administration."

"Prohibition would have worked if we made possession a Capital Offense. We need to do the same for Drug Possession today. Along with Homosexuality, Blasphemy, Fornication, Adultery and Pornography."

"Real freedom is possible only in societies that are essentially made up of one race and oriented to the natural desires and values of their people and their heritage."

"If they make guns illegal, then you shouldn't have them."

"But a lady in public, in a bikini, is advertising for anonymous, random sex."

"I would vote against the sale of contraceptive devices."

"If all bad laws are going to be declared unconstitutional, we're in a heap of trouble."

"No person can ever have a 'sex change'. The physicians who do this should not be allowed to practice medicine. The same goes for breast implants: instead of lawsuits against Dow-Corning, the doctors who implanted the silicone bags should be held liable..."

"If rape were decriminalized, women would behave differently."

"Any non-white person who listens to rap is a racist."