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Don't just complain. Pray.
Don't just pray. Act according to your good convictions.
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"...if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed."
--as reported in
John's Good News

Written years ago now:

There is common ground between the Christ influenced way of life (sometimes called "religion") and the way we order ourselves to function together (sometimes called "politics") and that ground is called "America."  It's the same turf between all our toes.  Algernon Sidney and John Locke wrote about it, prior to its existence. Then in 1776, in our nation's core document, the founding fathers picked up on it, referring to the rights of the People, in nature and under nature's Creator and God. Then, the framers and ratifiers of the Constitution built upon it, on "the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven." It's there in our Constitution (and its documents of interpretation) for us to apply, adapt, and even to carefully prune and graft.

Christ influenced political principles provide the basis and the preservation for our liberties. Let's not be fooled into thinking otherwise.

Do you want to determine the objective, original intent of America's founding? I suggest you start by joining those founders in being subjective to the Lord and his purposes -- both for you and this special nation He granted you.

I tend to like the term Compassionate Conservate, partly because I've seen too much false conservatism that is only a rationalization for egocentrism and often, for the tyranny of mega-corporate control, often shared in "partnership" with government, which is textbook fascism.  Our liberty does not obviate the need to serve each other in lovingkindness, it depends on it.  You'll see something called "Objectivism," or "Randism" propagated by a minority in Free Republic.  While it maintains some of the principles of morality and capitalism, in ignoring God, one's accountability to Him, and one's responsibilties to others in our social contract, it is a self-retarded, shrugging and slouching view of life.  The American vision does not wear blinders.  

Beware the the Libertarian Party, mate, as it skulks about looking for human booty to Shanghai.... Its objectives include effectively bringing down the Republicans as the Greens helped to bring down Gore and the Democrats. If they draw sufficient support away from conservative Republican candidates to allow Democrats to regain the White House and Congress, this could raise their harmful effects to Al Queda proportions (or greater) despite their "good intentions." Also, beware of other vote-leeching parties (Constitution Party, etc.). And beware the dangerous RINO! --including all the forked-toungued "I'm fiscally conservative but socially 'moderate'" types. Social liberal policies cause great, great expense in human tragedy and eventually, yes, in tax dollars.

Don't let anyone tell you that it's unconstitutional to ban intoxicant drugs. The 10th Amendment reiterates our right to legislate this in the states (and Article I, Section 8 does grant Congress limited power to curtail narcotics traffic). It is incredible that quite a few people who post on this site are for releasing narcotics into our huge American marketing machinery. Impairing drugs violate minds, wills, and society. They are not used in a vacuum. Their use supports an economy that spreads them and undermines, one-by-one, our very ability to be a self-governing People.

"Liberty" from moral responsibility is vice, and vice debilitates us all. Such license is hardly freedom. We won't succumb to utopian "totalibertarianism" any more than to any other kind of totalitarian ideology. On the other hand, given what has occurred in the War on Drugs we shouldn't let police state tactics stand, now should we?

Overall, it would be wonderful if we can devise ways to bring America back to a high degree of congruence with our Constitution, but we cannot act as if court precedents do not exist. Let's see if we can return to constitutionality (but that would take a bit of amendment by now too, to allow us to be the nation we need to be).

Also, I call upon those who surprise the rest of us by attempting to intellectually maintain the Civil War on behalf of the Confederate rebellion to give it up (and not fly the the battle flag of a rebellion against this nation over any governmental institution). The fictitious CSA was defeated. The People are sovereign and we have spoken in the ratification of our U.S. Constitution. The Amendments are to be understood within this framework, including those pertaining to the rights of the States and the People. Furthermore, the Declaration stood up for the People's right to make a new nation in the event of egregious violations of the Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, in that order -- not the "right" to own human life and deny human liberty. It is a moral embarrassment to maintain unfounded principles for the sake of what was an enculturation of racist greed. I suggest that no one make the mistake of confusing that for the principles of American republicanism and what we call conservatism.
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