Since Oct 9, 1999

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Ex-wife of John Robinson. BFFs forever. I Will Always Support FR.

Many threads have been devoted to me at Free Republic, and many thousands of posts at numerous other forums for many years.
I once helped raise nearly $80,000.00 for FR in three days by participating in an open-thread flamewar with trolls who hated Free Republic and tried to take it down, for years. (#epicfail)
I was the subject of brutal harassment, lies, innuendo, and smear campaigns for years from what were then called "antifreepers", "AFers", or (my favorite!) "AFholes".
They resided at many forums which I helped take down or sometimes even deleted myself when granted access by the unsuspecting AFhoes. They were chaos personified.
I've survived cancer. Twice.
I know where all the bodies are buried.

I said "whatever" once, and it didn't go over well.

I'm still here.