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You think it's easy being upchuck's home page? Let me tell you... this home page has been:

· frozen · cultivated · barbecued1 · mutilated · burned to a crisp
· slashed · folded · trashed · left to gather dust · neglected
· tased by my bro3 · dissolved in acid · paper clipped · dented · recycled
· sent first class · fried · stapled at least once · ejected · your suggestion here
· scored · your suggestion here · swabbed · burned onto a CD · shredded n2 confetti
· boiled · browned · stripped · stolen · sliced
· smashed · deformed · broasted · stomped · wasted
· flushed · ground to dust · struck by lightning · braised · chrome plated
· fricasseed · slammed · bent · sauteed · extruded
· left for dead · felled · banned · abused2 · electrocuted
· rammed · smoked4 · alphabetized4 · sporked5 · Dremmeled

And the ultimate humiliation... sat on by Killary.
1Suggested by seanmerc, 2suggested by The Navigator, 3suggested by Mitchell C, 4suggested by BykrBayb
5suggested by locountry1dr
Suggestions of more nasty and or tasty things that should be done to this home page are welcomed.

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The page where you edit this stuff asks, Anything you'd like to say about yourself? Well, yes there is:

First, foremost, always and most importantly, I am a Conservative.

At the current time, but subject to change, I am registered to vote as a Republican. For two reasons:
1. I must be registered with a political party to vote in primary elections.
2. For now, the Republicans most closely parallel my political beliefs.

However, just because I am a registered Republican does not mean I always agree with them.

Consider for a moment what happens to your contribution to any of the national Republican organizations (RNC, etc.)...

First, they take their operating expenses from your donation. Then they take the remainder and give it to candidates of their choosing. Their choice may be strong, true, conservative Republicans that fully deserve to be elected. But, just as easily, their choice may be weak Republicans (RINOs) who never in a million years deserved to be elected, or, even worse, REelected.

For this reason, I do not contribute to any of the national Republican organizations, preferring instead to donate directly to the candidates of my choice.

I firmly believe doing this is the only way to get rid of the RINOS.