Since Sep 20, 2010

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Casualty of Obamanomics, 20 years down the drain
Beware the intelligent entrepreneur who's pissed off and has too much time on his hands. Raising 5 freedom loving kids all ready for the fight. FUBO!

I've been following FR for longer than I can remember, starts my day!

We have a rule in our house, you're all going to college and you're all paying for it. Child number one went to Marquette, graduated suma cum laude with a double major in finance and accounting. Had a job offer from Price-Watehouse-Cooper when she started her senior year. She paid for it all by herself with scholarships and working every day.

Child number two worked his ass off at academics and athletics, eventhough we open enrolled our kids to a school 40 minutes away, because the local school sucks. He managed to get himself into the US Naval Academy and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and plans to fly.

In the meantime I've had to sell my business, just to buy time, after 20 years. House is in foreclosure and bankruptcy is next, FUBO. But we'll be fine, because we survive regardless. I'm looking forward to the future and I do have energy, ambition and imagination you bastard!

Did I say God Bless Scott Walker, the best conservative gov. in the country?

Deer gun season is coming up, couple extra boxes of ammo this year. Any of you 'Occupy' assholes want to come up and help with a drive, we'd love to have you.